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What is a Turkish Towel / Peshtemal?

A hand-woven Turkish towel is a special piece of craftsmanship. The ubiquitous plush towels of today are associated with Turkey because Turkish weavers invented them, but a true hand-woven plush towel is very different from machine made towels found at any department store; in the 17th century, the women of the sultan’s harem demanded something more beautiful and luxe than the flat towels they were used to, and Turkey’s weavers created and mastered the looped, plush towel. Today, however, only one workshop weaving plush towels on traditional handlooms remains in Turkey and we are excited to bring their incredible work to you.

Flat Turkish towels, or “Pestemals”, are pretty wonderful, too. Ours are made with organic cotton so they absorb like crazy but dry quickly and pack up light. Each piece is woven on a shuttled loom, one at a time; although they look thoroughly modern, each towel is made the same way as they have been for centuries. We might update the colors and patterns, but the essential design and craft of a hand woven piece needs no help from us.

How to use my Turkish towel / Pesthemal?
Peshtemal is a multipurpose towel. It can be used f.ex. for bath, beach, pool, gym, yoga, picnic, as a babyblanket, a scarf, the possibilities are endless. Peshtemals are also great when you are travelling because of it's light weight and it takes up little space in your luggage. Endless possibilities


Peshtemals takes little space in your closet. It's very absorbent and dries quickly and it is very pretty :)

Where is TAKK Home Pestemals manufactured?
Our Pesthemals are all manufactured in Turkey by traditional methods. It's made from 100% high quality cotton and it's fringe are handcrafted by local turkish women. 

Care instructions. 
It's better to wash your peshtemals few times so it gets more absorbent. It gets more absorbent and smoother after washing....finnum texta